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  • Indian origin Abhijit Banerjee bags 2019 Nobel Economics Prize

  • 45-50 terrorists, including suicide bombers, training at JeM Balakot facility: Sources

  • New complaint raised against Koodathayi murder case accused

  • Economy looking up; no liquidity crisis: Nirmala Sitaraman after bankers meet

Kerala News

Police takes Jolly for a late-night evidence collection in Ponnamattom

KOZHIKODE: The police have taken Jolly, the prime accused in Koodathai murder case, to Ponnamattom House for evidence collection. It is hinted that the police reached here by 10 pm on Jollys statement that the leftover of cyanide is kept at a secret place in the house. An expert technical team lead by IST cell SP Dr Divya Gopinath reached Koodathai for the second time.

National News

IAF action against 6 officers in Mi-17 chopper crash, 2 to face court-martial

NEW DELHI: Two Indian Air Force (IAF) officers will face court-martial for the Mi-17 chopper crash in which six of its personnel were killed due to friendly fire by own missile system on February 27 over Srinagar. Four other officers will also face administrative action in the case including two Air Commodores (equivalent to Army Brigadiers) and two Flight Lieutenants (Captain equivalents in Army) for their respective roles in the entire case.

World News

Pak could be blacklisted on money laundering, terror financing

BRUSSELS: It's a testing time for Pakistan to prove the measures taken against outfits and persons involved in offences of money-laundering and terror financing as Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Plenary and Working Group meetings begin in Paris from Monday. The FATF placed Pakistan on Grey List in June 2018 and came up with 27-point Action Plan for graduating it within one year period.It includes safeguards against money-laundering and terror-financing by banned outfits and non-government entities through banking and non-banking jurisdictio