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Rare Adrenal Surgery for OMANI Boy at KIMS Cochin

Kochi:Twelve-year-old Omani boy Said Ahmad Said Al Hadidi reported to KIMS Cochin with severe hypertension and resultant cardiac problem. On evaluation, he was found to have large tumours of adrenal gland on both sides. It is rare in children to have these tumours called Pheochromocytoma and that too very rare on both sides. His BP was controlled temporarily with three types of drugs in large doses. The sudden increase in BP due to these tumours can lead to heart attack, stroke and sudden death. Adrenal glands are located above the kidney on both sides and has got major function by secreting many hormones. The Pheochromocytoma affects the inner layer of the gland leading to uncontrolled secretion of Adrenalin and nor-adrenalin which cause dangerous levels of blood pressure.

He was prepared for surgery by our medical experts Dr Seenaj Chandran and Dr Sathyapalan. The Anesthesiology team led by Dr Rajeev took care of his vitals during this complex surgery lasting for five hours. The team led by Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr R Padmakumar successfully removed the tumour on both sides completely without blood loss. Dr Madhukar Pai, Dr Khaleel, Dr Zuhail, Dr Arun and Dr Anurag were also actively involved in this major surgery with very high risk for patients life. Patient was kept in Intensive care unit for five days to counter the fall in blood pressure with medicine. Presently, he is doing well without medications for blood pressure and is fit to go back to Oman healthy. It is very happy to note that even foreigners are choosing our hospitals and experts for such advanced and complex procedures opined Dr Ashok Thiakarajan, COO of KIMS Cochin. Medical Director Dr Jose T Pappanacherry also spoke on the occasion.