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Kerala, Kochi airport shut

Kochi: The death toll in Kerala has risen to 44 as there is no let up in heavy rains and the operations of the Kochi airport have been suspended till Saturday. Flights are being diverted to other airports as the state has been battered by torrential rains since August 8.In Munnar, a man hailing from neighbouring Tamil Nadu was killed and six persons were rescued after a mound of earth fell on a hotel, official sources said

In a similar incident in Kondotty, a heavy mound of earth fell onto a concrete house, claiming a couple's lives. A fisherman was electrocuted in Thrissur as he came in touch with a snapped electric wire. Kochi airport operations have been temporarily suspended till Saturday 2 pm since the inflow of water is still on a rising trend, a Kochi airport spokesperson said."We are working hard to drain out the storm water. All are requested to cooperate," the spokesperson said.